Automatic Print and Apply Corner

Automatic print and apply machine applies the last printed label on the corner of moving boxes

Corner  is an automatic print and apply system applying the last printed label on the  corner of boxes and products on the move.

Corner prints any type of code, images and variable data coming from the packaging line and applied the last printed label.

The core of the Corner print and apply system is an industrial  thermal tansfer printer  model Spider Plus 4” with dual processor electronics and equipped with a motorized belts applicator that keeps the label by vacuum system and releases it on the corner (front and side or front and top) of boxes and products on the move.

Corner is available in 2 versions: Corner 4 has a 4″ width  (based on a thermal transfer printer model Spider Plus) and Corner 6 with a 6″ width  ( based on a thermal transfer printer model Jumbo Pus).

This print and apply machines works with reels of thermal transfer ribbon  600 m long, in order to ensure high autonomy in working cycles.

Resolution8, 12 (only per Corner 4)  dots/mm
Printing speed ≤ 250 mm/s
Label width 104 mm (Corner 4), 160 mm  (Corner 6)

Features of the print and apply 

  • Drawing unit 120 mm (170 mm with the 6″ version)
  • Label reel 280 mm
  • Printhead with historical control 8 dot/mm
  • Interfaces RS232, LAN Ethernet
  • Display keyboard for machine configuration
  • Inner rewinder for liner paper
  • Inner clock for date/time
  • Ethernet cable
  • Windows driver
  • Floating applicator with motorized belts
  • Electric panel board
  • Air unit treatment
  • Control for photocell applicator

Ancillary devices

  • Start/stop label
  • Start photocell
  • PC
  • Programs for label layout
  • Cables
  • Interfaces
  • Control applied label
  • Base and support structure
  • U-shaped support structure
  • Safety guards
Print speed≤ 250 mm/s≤ 250 mm/s
Dispensing speed≤ 15 pcs/min≤ 10 pcs/min
Label size
(width x step)
From 70x90 mm
to 120x240 mm
From 70x90 mm
to 170x240 mm
Print area≤ 100x200mm≤ 160x200 mm
Type of printingThermal transfer
or direct thermal
Thermal transfer
or direct thermal
Outside reel Ø≤ 280 mm≤ 280 mm
Inside reel Ø40÷75 mm40÷75 mm
Size L - W - H821x1134x459 mm821x1134x493 mm
Power supply115/230 V,
50/60 Hz
115/230 V,
50/60 Hz
Electrical input400 W400 W
BarcodesAll typesAll types
Text rotation4 directions4 directions

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