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Inkjet Coder Wolke m600

Inkjet coder Wolke m600


The  inkjet coder Wolke m600 is a  is a thermal inkjet print unit with a single cartridge/printhead with water based ink.

The HP  thermal ink jet technology ensures high qualit printing.

The disposable cartridges don’t require any maintenance and provide a high quality printing process.

The system consists of one or more printing units of 12,7 mm and of one control unit hrough which an appointed operator can interact with the machine to set variable fields and uploading print layout, etc.

This coder prints   any type of linear or bidimensional bardcodes, as well as counters, automatically updated dates, batch numbers, time, images (on a single line) on moving products, at a constant speed.   Data are edited on a computer and quicly loaded by  USB port.

It is the ideal coder porous surfaces, e.g. paper pressure-sensitive labels, non coated boxes, coupes, envelopes

The HSA Micron coder can be perfectely installed on labelling machines, label applicator, labelling systems and friction feeders thanks to its compact design.


Resolution24 x 12 dots/mm (h xl)
Prining speed ≤ 60  m/min

Features of the coder

  • Control unit
  • Hp  printhead (height 12.7 mm) can be expanded up to  4 modules
  • Alignment plate
  • Interfaces  USB
  • Label design software
  • Supports for printhead

Ancillary devices

  • Label design software
Type of printingThermal DOD ink jet
Print area L - W ≤ 12,7 x 500 mm
Print speed≤ 60 m/min
(to 300 dpi)
Power supply115/230 V 50/60 Hz
Electrical input180 W
Print resolution≤ 24 dot/mm
Size L - W - H350 x 250 x 140 mm
Weight8 kg
Text rotation4 direzioni
Barcodes4 directions
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