Single Tag Printer Go Card

Industrial thermal transfer printer for single tags, plastic cards, coupons, envelopes, sachets, leaflets, product information cards, blister cards for small spare parts

Single tag industrial thermal transfer printer


Go Card is an industrial thermal transfer printer for single tags.

It is especially designed for repeated printing on single tags that can be manually loaded on a vertical stacker, even when the machine is running.

Go Card provides for high quality printing of any type of barcodes, bidimensional codes, variable data, images.

Go Card is entirely designed and manufactured by  Etipack according to our industrial vision, that is using only lasting and solid materials and components; the mechanism for ribbon optimization will allow  saving on thermal transfer ribbon in case of small printing areas and protecting the printhead.

Very flexible and  versatile, GoCard prints on single tags, plastic cards, coupons, envelopes, sachets, leaflets,  product information cards, blister cards for small spare parts, blister cards for battery components, smart cards, hang tags, decorative labels, brand tags, blister cards for pills, dressing material price tickets, shelf labelling cards and can be used for various materials, designs, sizes and thicknesses in the following industries food, chemicals, automotive, apparel, logistics, retail, production.


Resolution ≤  12 dots/mm
Printing speed ≤ 150 mm/s
Width 106 mm


Features of the printer

  • Drawing unit 160 mm
  • Printhead with historical control 12 dot/mm
  • Interfaces RS232, LAN Ethernet
  • Display for machine setting
  • Pressure roller
  • Inner clock for date and hour
  • Ethernet cable
  • Windows driver
  • Pneumatic ribbon saver
  • Device for thermal transfer ribbon


Ancillary devices

  • Software for layout design
Print speed≤ 150 mm/s
Print area≤ 106x195 mm
Type of printingThermal transfer
or direct thermal
Single tags size
(width x step)
From 45 x 60 mm
to 150 x 200 mm
Print resolution≤ 12 dot/mm
Size L - W - H533x493x369 mm
Power supply115/230 V,
50/60 Hz
Electrical input600 W
BarcodesAll types
Text rotation
4 directions

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