Anniversary 40 Years

40 years ago, in a small 35 square metre lab, someone was able to see far into the future.

From the genius and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founding partners, came Etipack, a group now operating at international level, with two production units and a sales network encompassing more than 30 countries.

The first leap in the company’s evolution took place in 1987: Etipack was one of the first companies to use a step motor in its EP 2000 labelling machine.

The next steps were the early projects for the pharmaceutical bollino, new generation motors, and brand new product lines such as separators and pick & place devices.

They are the chapters in a story that has made a mark on the evolution of industrial labelling.

In the course of four decades, Etipack has established solid and long-lasting relationships with thousands of companies the world over.

The years 2000 have brought major advances, not only from the standpoint of production.

The first foreign branches are established and lay the foundations for a high-tech bridge that exports our technology and develops it in collaboration with partner companies from various sectors of industry: from food & beverage to cosmetics, from electronics, to household products, up to the most highly sophisticated requirements of the pharmaceutical world.

Thousands of customers, that we follow closely through each and every stage of their endeavours, from design to installation, to effective and timely after-sales services.

Nowadays, Etipack means: 18 product lines and more than 100 standard solutions, which may be customised to meet specific needs.

IT systems, new generation technologies, and the incredible acceleration of digital progress are imposing new standards of excellence.

Thanks to our two R&D Centres, we have defined a new model of proactive and dynamic partnership with our customers. At present we are a benchmark at international level for labelling and coding systems and solutions: we face up to the future with the same spirit that saw us move our first steps.

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