We design, manufacture and sell labelling machines and friction feeders

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Friction Feeders

Friction and vacuum feeders provide for a wide variey of applications within packaging lines to feed coupons, promotionals, small gadgets, bottlenecks, sheets, flowpack sachets, 2, 3 and 4 side sachets, CDs

  • Premium Automatic Friction Feeders

    Automatic friction feeders, high speed friction feeders,  feeders for   papers heet, manuals, cardstock, backer board, envelopes, brochures, booklets, folders

  • Entry Level Automatic Feeders

    Continuous feeders, automatic friction feeders, low speed friction feeders feed sheet papers, envelopes, manuals, folded documents, stickers

  • Pick and Place Machines

    Placers, pick and place equipement for automatic distribution of clamshells, trays, flow pack sachets, moulded sachets, coupons, die cut cards, membership cards, pouches, flat boxes, CDs , backer boards

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