Etipack Restyling

We have changed but we are still ourselves

2020 represents for Etipack the year of change in many ways. In order to express it at its best, we have decided to undertake a project to renew our trademark, logotype and communication format, which have marked our first 40 years of life, without altering the values and ensuring recognisability.  

Family expands, potential grows, but core values don’t change

The restyling project reflects our desire not to detach ourselves from the great founding values that have distinguished our path over the years, and at the same time the enthusiasm in moving towards new challenges with a dynamic and innovative spirit. We want to continue to be a company that combines at best the ability to design and implement solutions with high technological content, with the attention and care for our customers, typical of a family business

Not Just Products, We Put People at the Center

Innovation comes from the thinking and work of people.
Innovation is, above all, for people.
Ethicsmeans caring about people.
Attention to the customer means taking care of people.
Building customized solutions means listening to and caring about people.

For this reason, we have updated our payoff in ” Labelling, coding, caring” in order to put people back at the center of Etipack communication and to draw attention not only to the product but also to the importance of the “Human Factor”.

These are the guidelines we have followed also in the design of the new communication campaign that aims to narrate this continuous dialogue and interconnection between the two souls of the company. To represent it fully, there could be no better testimonials than those who live it every day and can truly say “We are Etipack”.

Innovation and customer care ETIPACK IS THERE.

  • Because it puts the customer first.

  • because it offers technologically innovative solutions and goes where others won’t go.

  • because it covers different sectors and is always up to the challenge.