Rotary Friction Feeder Whizzy Multistacker

Friction feeder with  rotary stack

The friction feeder Whizzy Multistacker  is a feeding machine with rotary stacker for feeding and dispensing products with a thickness up to 6 mm.

Whizzy Multistacker is equipped with a loading stack with multiple sections (from  4 to 8 loading sections, according to product size)  and rotating to ensure high production autonomy and reduced bulk.

This feeder with rotary loading stack provides for non-stop production, as it is equipped with different loading sections and the operator can refill them even if the machine is working.

The feeder is very versatile and can handle a wide variety of flat products such as booklets, coupons, vouchers, stationary, information notice, promotionals, cards, with a thickness up to  6 mm.

Features of te feeder


  • Single product feeding machine
  • Rotary loading stack
  • Belt skimming system
  • Horizontal dispensing unit
  • Stop sensor
  • Separate control box (remote terminal up to 3 m) with integrated PLC
  • Separate control panel  (remote up to  3 m)
  • Control on minimum load
  • Start/dispensing
  • Controls and alarms
  • Brushless motor

Ancillary devices


  • Base support structure
  • U-shaped support structure
  • Adjustable pre-stack with level control
  • Barcode reader on dispensing unit
  • Encoder
  • Programming keyboard for speed and counting
  • Control on dispensed product
Dispensing speed≤ 100 m/min
Product sizes L50 - 100 mm
Product sizes W40 - 100 mm
Product thickness0,15÷6 mm
Product dispensingHorizontally
Motor typeBrushless
Size L - W - H550x700x1130mm
C.B. dimensions
L - W - H
Power supply230 V, 50-60 Hz
Electrical input460 W
Electric protectionIP 54

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