Pharmaceutical Ampoules Labelling Machine Etifiale

Pharmaceutical labelling machine for ampoules and vials provides for high speed wrap-around application of pressure-sensitive labels

Automatic labelling system for high speed wrap-around application on ampoules


The Etifiale system is an automatic system for labelling ampoules and vials, manually loaded with a special tray.

Ampoules are conveyed and channeled to a carousel, equipped with appropriate housings; as the carousel turns around ampoules get to the labelling point  and a rotation device completes the application by rotating the ampoules on itself.

The format change to adjust carousel and guides to a different size of ampoules is operated manually in a quick and simple way, without the aid of any tools.

This system belongs to the Etipack Pharma line, especially dedicated to labelling, coding, serialization and track and trace of pharmaceuticals; this line has been designed to ensure high standards of quality, safety, productivity and maintenance complying with the guidelines for good manufacturing practice of pharmaceutical markets.

The  Etipack Pharma line includes different labelling machines, labelling systems and friction feeders to handle a variety of products: ampoules, vials, boxes, syringes, single-dose, inhalers, Blow Fill Seal, inspection and inserting of information notices.


Features of the labelling system

  • Varnished steel machine chassis with panels in stainless steel
  • Ampoules  loading from tray to conveyor
  • Conveyor of ampoules to star wheel with independent  motor
  • Rotating star wheel for ampoules, with independent motor with inverter
  • Format change-overs available with 18, 27 or 36 cavities
  • Self-recognition of the format of the star wheel
  • Infeed minimum load control
  • Automatic labelling machines with hybrid stepper motor with magnetic encoder
  • Touch screen display for setting and managing more than 50 customized parameters
  • Automatic vertical  adjustment,  with self-positioning  after reel change
  • Inner capacitive sensor for end-of-reel control
  • Product rotation system with independent motor for label application to the rotating ampoule
  • Control of label presence on ampoules by luminescence photocells or cameras
  • Double control of label applied to 180° on ampoule  by luminescence photocells
  • Pushing device of conforming labelled ampoule to collecting tray
  • Pneumatic ejection with mechanic extraction of ampoules and gravity fall into tray
  • Photocell for ejection control
  • Removable tray of rejected ampoules
  • Maximum load of ejection tray
  • Setting parameters for stops after consecutive  rejects
  • Advanced electronics with PLC SIEMENS S7


Ancillary devices available

  • Total safeguard protections
  • Choice of different printing units (thermal ink jet, thermal transfer, hot foil)
  • Print control OCV/OCR control
  • Barcode control
  • Serialization system
  • Ultra sound sensor for transparent labels
  • Energy-saving function in case of inactivity
Production speed*≤ 12.000 pcs/h with Ø 10,00÷12,75 mm
≤ 9.000 pcs/h with Ø 14,25÷17,00 mm
≤ 6.000 pcs/h with Ø 17,00÷22,00 mm
Size L - W - H2301 x 1910 x 2310 mm
Power supply230 V, 50/60 Hz,
Electrical input≤ 2300 W
Elettrical protectionIP 54
Noise level75 dB
Compressed air6 bar
A_Product size Ø
10÷22 mm
B_Product size h
25÷90 mm
* The eventual print unit model could impact on the production rate, to
ask to Etipack.

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