Single Tag Printer Eti Card

Industrial thermal transfer printer for single tags, plastic cards, coupons, envelopes, sachets, leaflets, product information cards, blister cards for small spare parts

Industrial Single Tag Printer

Eti Card is an industrial thermal transfer printer for single cards.

It is specifically designed for direct printing on pre-punched single cards that are loaded from above onto a vertical magazine, even while the machine is running.

Eti Card can print barcodes, two-dimensional codes, production batches, variable alphanumeric data and graphic images with excellent print quality.

Flexible and versatile, the Eti card industrial printer is suitable for printing on

  • cards
  • plastic cards
  • coupons
  • sachets
  • flyers
  • punched hooks
  • carton headers and punched

of various materials, formats and weights used in the food, chemical, automotive, clothing, logistics, distribution, manufacturing sectors and other.

Resolution 12 dots/mm (300DPI)
Printing speed ≤ 400 mm/s


Print speedmin. 75 mm/s a max. 355 mm/s *
Type of printingThermal transfer
or direct thermal
Size L - W - H496 x 312 x 330 mm
Print resolution≤ 12 dot/mm
Tags reading systemDirect diffuse sensor
Processable productsSingle tags
Products dimension W - L30 - 77 / 55 - 175 mm ( standard guide)
35 - 82 / 55 - 175 mm (XL guide)
45 - 96 / 55 - 175 mm (XXL guide)
Weight for the tagsmax. 240 g/m²
Ribbon lenght30 - 100 mm
Memory ram64 MB flash; 4 MB
*The printing speed depends mainly from the tag dimensions and the quality of the ribbon.

Features of the printer

  • Drawing module 160 mm
  • Printhead with historical control 12 dot/mm
  • Interfaces RS232, LAN Ethernet
  • Display for machine setting
  • Pressure roller
  • Inner clock for date and hour
  • Ethernet cable
  • Windows Driver
  • Ribbon saver device with thermal transfer
  • Transfer foil device


  • Drop collector
  • Power Stacker

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