Track & Trace Pharma

Etipack Pharma Line

Complete range of machines specially conceived for the pharmaceutical market designed for labeling, coding, serialization, and track and trace, dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector in compliance with the latest European and extra-European regulations.

Always at the forefront of its sector, Etipack has collaborated over the years in the implementation of track and trace and labelling projects in compliance with the regulations issued in the various countries. Etipack Pharma was born from this experience and provides a line of products designed and manufactured to ensure the high standards of quality and performance required by pharmaceutical companies and a team of resources specialized in process management (regulatory knowledge, URS analysis, FAT, validations).

Our Partners

In order to always guarantee high-quality levels and advanced technological solutions, Etipack has chosen to collaborate with leading specialists in the field of coding and vision systems. All our machines are modular and ready for the installation of perfectly integrated third-party devices. We have worked with Antares, Cognex, Domino, Evesolutions, Hicof, Laetus, Omron, Reajet, SeaVision, Softgroup, SystechTeledynedalsa, Videojet, Wolke.

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Products and applications

Etipack pharmaceutical labelling systems allow the packaging of several types of pharmaceutical products such as vials, ampoules, cartons, single-dose packs and BFS, performing labelling, coding, traceability, and serialization processes. The many applications include wrap-around labelling on the body of cylindrical products; affixing of pharmaceutical bollino/vignettes and anti-counterfeiting pressure-sensitive labels; coding and data control; direct printing and serialization.

The systems mount feeders, labelers and printing units to distribute, label, and print products, as well as vision systems for reading and verifying data, label presence control, rejection systems, and collection of unsuitable products and, also, sophisticated label rejection systems before label application to preserve the value of the product and avoid subsequent reprocessing.


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