Rotary Placer Clippy Rotary

High speed rotary placer for high speed picking and placing of flowpack sachets, 2, 3 and 4 sides sachet, CDs, flat cartons and cards made of non-porous materials

High speed rotary pick and place

Clippy Rotary is a Pick and Place device with rotary movement that, thanks to vacuum pads, picks products from a loading stack and places them horizontally on a packaging line.

The rotary movement of Clippy Rotary is especially designed to meet the requirements of highest productivity with an output speed up to  400 pcs/min. as weel as of large autonomy thanks to a horizontal loading stack equipped with a control on minimum load.

The Pick and Place is ideal to dispense flowpack sachets, 2, 3 and 4 side sachets, coupons, cards and flat boxes made of non-porous materials.

The programming keyboard, in the brushless version, will allow to set speed and control functions in a user-friendly way: automatic speed adjustment, multiple product distribution, control of missing picking with automatic stop.

Technical Specifications

Dispensing speed≤ 400 pz/min
(depending on the
product dimensions)
Product sizes L50- 120 mm
Product sizes W50- 150 mm
Product thickness0,1÷1,5 mm
Motor typebrushless
Size L - W - H2416x2115x839mm
C.B. dimensions
L - W - H
Power supply400 V
3P-N-PE, 50-60 Hz
Electrical input690 W
Electric protectionIP 54

Features of the rotary placer

  • Kinematic mechanism with rotor at 3 positions
  • Vacuum pads with independent electrical drive
  • Venturi vacuum generator
  • Turbine vibrator
  • Horizontal loading stack 1300 mm long
  • Encoder
  • Electro-pneumatic system
  • Control on missing picking
  • Safeguards
  • Separate control box (remote terminal up to 3 m) with integrated PLC* (brushless version)
  • Separate control panel  (remote up to  3 m)
  • Brushless motor

Ancillary devices

  • Start for product picking and placing
  • Programming keyboard
  • Vacuum pump (according to products)

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