Hot Printing Foil

Hot printing foils and ribbons in different colours and compatible with all hot stamping markers

Hot printing foils and ribbon for hot stamp printing


Hot printing foils for hot printing used with markers and types are ideal for printing on pressure-sensitive labels useful information, e.g. production date, best before date, batch, weight, price, etc.

The portfolio of printing foils can satisfy the most varied printing requirements, on different kind of packaging materials as cellophone, polyester,  PVC, paper.

Etipack provides for a wide range of hot printing foils, in black and other different colours; here below a selection of most used kinds, more are available on request:

  • 2SK
  • CED K
  • CN 512

All  hot printing foils are compatible with hot stamping markers manufactured by Etipack and most manufacturers.

Thanks to our long experience as a manufacturer of printers, print & apply and printing units, we at Etipack have acquired a specific know-how about characteristics, types of applications of different printing ribbons, and we provide service and advice in order to find the best ribbon complying with your printing needs by sending out free-of charge samples, doing print essays, demo sessions, matching of labels and ribbon.

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