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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax Resin Near Edge

Wax resin thermal transfer ribbons for near edge printheads


Wax resin thermal transfer ribbons for near edge printheads are TTR ribbons acompatible with a variety of receptors mainly synthetics, where printings results being very resistant to smudge.

The ribbon structure provides excellent printing quality for all types of barcodes, ,characters of any size and images. Those characteristics remains at high speed as well  making this ribbon perfectly adapted to the automatic identification market and packaging applications.

Etipack offers a wide portfolio of wax resin ribons for near edge printheads, selected from the best producers,  Armor, ITW, IIMAK, Kurz to meet different requests. Here below a selection of most used kinds, more are available on request:

  • Superior 600
  • B112
  • P110

Our  thermal transfer ribbons are compatible with  all TTR markers, thermal transfer printers, automatic print and apply machines manufactured by major companies, e.g. Etipack,  Avery, Brady, Cab, Datamax, Markem, Sato, Savema, Toshiba, Videojet, Zebra.

Thanks to our long experience as a manufacturer of printers, print & apply and printing units, we at Etipack have acquired a specific know-how about characteristics, types of applications of different printing ribbons, and we provide service and advice in order to find the best ribbon complying with your printing needs by sending out free-of charge samples, doing print essays, demo sessions, matching of labels and ribbon.



Superior_600.pdf B112_CERA_RESINA.pdf P110_CERA_RESINA.pdf
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