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Three-side labeling for triangular packaging of club sandwiches


Labeling system for the application of two labels, top, and bottom corner, on triangular-shaped packages

A special shape, that of sandwiches, is the subject of a special project that has enabled Etipack to satisfy the need of a company, producing the well-known triangular snacks, to effectively label a product with packaging that is anything but standard.

The challenge: to label triangular sandwich packaging efficiently and quickly

The application of labels on the top and bottom of the packaging is quite usual for the food sector. So what makes this process special? Precisely the shape of the packaging which, for ease of reading, requires the label to be applied not only on two sides, but also on the third side with the familiar slanted shape, all in a single application.

The solution: System 4 with customized labelling machine thanks to modular design

In order to achieve the required result, Etipack has applied its distinctive design methodology: starting from a consolidated standard to develop the customization requested by the customer. The project has integrated System 4, a model of the Etipack range of devices, specifically designed for the application of double-sided labels, which, thanks to its modular design, allows the integration of applicators and devices to configure a machine tailored to the customer’s needs. This system, which combines automatic labelling machines with an integrated product conveying system, is conceived as a small, self-sufficient labelling line that handles and labels the product, either off-line or connected to other packaging machines such as filling and thermoforming machines. The special feature of System 4 is its double-belt conveyor, which allows the product to be hooked so that the bottom part is exposed downwards and the pack is accessible from both sides. In order to carry out the labelling, the system integrates two Energy 100 labelling machines, positioned above and below the belt, which allow both the lower and upper labels to be applied simultaneously as the product runs through.

3-sided labelling and variable data entry

In order to achieve in the same application even the labelling on the oblique side, Etipack worked on the customization of the labelling machine located at the bottom. In order to allow both sides of the pack to be involved in the same application, System 4 has been customized by integrating an Energy 100 labeller programmed to carry out a “seal” application. Together with the creation, by the client, of a layout that would allow the necessary information to be contained on a single label, it was thus possible to achieve the required result: labelling on both the underside and the oblique side in a single application. The labeller is equipped with a diffuse start photocell that is specifically designed for labelling transparent products. A Datamax A-4408 thermal transfer printing unit has also been integrated for overprinting variable text and/or barcodes on the labels.

The system as designed presents
  • Flexibility – thanks to a labelling machine that can handle different product formats, labels and application types.
  • Compact dimensions – openfree carpentry, allows to obtain in only one meter the function of top and bottom labelling
  • Ease of use – with intuitive touch screen operator panel
  • Integration – with ERP and line data, also in Industry 4.0 perspective
  • Robustness – through the use of rugged materials and industrial design

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