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Pet Food Labeling on-pack: 3 solutions for products packaging for animals


The responsible care of pets on the one hand, and the progress of scientific knowledge about animal nutrition and industrial technologies on the other, have given a strong impetus to the development of the Petfood market, which has been continuously expanding for some years now. Prepared food is, from a nutritional point of view, more suitable to preserve animal welfare, and on the market, it meets the preference of consumers.

Pet world, a market in constant growth

The global pet food market is expected to reach $113.08 billion by 2025**. Europe, with a population of pets in European homes in 2019 of around 300 million and a 30% share of global sales, is the industry leader. Consumers are increasingly inclined to buy premium, high-quality products, as well as dietary foods to support specific diseases and products that ride the emerging trends*. This leads brands to develop different versions of the same product in dry, wet and snack variants, resulting in increased investment in more packaging solutions for formats, materials and packaging types.

The advantages of the self-adhesive label for Pet Food

As for food f intended for human consumption, animal food is subject to strict rules on standards, safety and quality (see European Regulation 767/2009). On-pack communication, or labelling, is the most important and widespread tool to communicate with the customer, the distribution network and the competent authorities.

Compared to other product identification systems, the self-adhesive label ensures the pet food companies:

High productivity, up to 450 pcs./min.
Extreme flexibility: variety of treatable formats, possibility to add subsequent information
Compliance with legislative provisions with proven technologies in key sectors (food, pharmaceuticals)
Hygiene, thanks to the use of solid and robust components and the structure that facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the systems
Selection of different plants types, according to specific production needs

Several application solutions: 3 successful projects

Pet Food Carton Boxes

01 – Cardboard boxes labeling

The company needed to customize pet food boxes, applying a promotional label, precisely, quickly and on a tight budget.

Doypack Sachets and Flexible Packaging

02 – Flexible Doypack bag labelling

The company needed a solution for the distribution, printing and labelling of flexible pet food packaging: Doypack bags containing PET, PE, PA, OPP, EVOH, PVDC, SIOX, metallized PET.

03 – Aluminium tray labelling

The company expressed the need for a high productivity labelling solution to apply one and/or two self-adhesive labels to the top and/or bottom of aluminium packaging.

Discover the labelling solutions on pet food packaging


*Rport Assalco – Zoomark 2020 pet feeding and care

** Pet Food Market Size & Trend Analysis Report –

The company needed to customize pet food boxes, applying a promotional label, precisely, quickly and on a tight budget.

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