Case History
Pet Food Carton Boxes

Labelling of Pet Food Carton Boxes


The pet food producer needed to customize some  pet food boxes, by adding a promotional claim label with a low-budget, fast and accurate machine.

Etipack provided a combined solution with a friction feeder and a labelling machine; this module is meant to operate off line to apply labels on boxes and flat packaging of different size. Below the main features of the system:

Friction Feeder Whizzy, equipped with brushless motor, automatically separates and feeds flat boxes stacked in the magazine

Labelling machine applying self-adhesive labels for highest flexibility

This integrated  off-line compact solution can be easily placed in small areas of production departments, dedicated to automated small-scale processes

The combined process of friction feeder and labelling machine results in accurate application of labels and thus adding on the package appeal

Easy fitting and adjustment devices on the feeder and on the labelling machine will allow to process  different size of boxes and labels

The choice of a combined system with  friction feeding and labelling machine with self-adhesive labels, compared to alternative solutions, has provided to this pet food producer:

The highest degree of flexibility  in implementing limited automatic processes on specific production batches in order to provide additional information (discounts, promotions)

The highest degree of flexibility in processing  a  variety of  formats of boxes and labels

Guarantee to comply with law provisions by communicating to consumers optional information

Choice between different types of systems, depending on specific production needs

Download PDF Labelling of Pet Food Carton Boxes

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