Automatic Labelling Machine Energy

Automatic Labelling Machine for Pressure-Sensitive Labels Speed up to 60 m/minute

This is the flagship model of the latest and innovative generation of labelling machines manufactured  by Etipack, developed thanks to a collaboration with the electrical drives department of the Università di Udine.

With Eway Etipack redesigns the world of labelling, proposing a philosophy of machines that match the needs and objectives of users, innovating a solid tradition in labelling.

The result is an innovative label applicator as far as engine, electronics and consumption as well as configuration possibilities.

Energy is equipped with a hybrid stepper motor: this allows obtaining high application frequencies, always maintaining an optimal control on the distribution precision of the label.

The innovative multi-tasking electronics of the labelling machine allows the management of several functions at the same time: optimization of working time,  configuration of parameters while the machine is running.etc.

The Energy labeller is designed for the energy-saving function, that is to say for the interruption of consumption in case of prolonged inactivity.

The Energy industrial automatic labelling machine applies labels with widths of up to 100, 200 or 300 mm.

The configuration is totally customizable with the fitting of a wide range of applicators, columns and ancillary devices  depending on the application requirements of the labels.

This label applicator is fully compatible with all models of print units – hot stamp, thermal transfer, inkjet- manufactured by Etipack ad major manufacturers such as  Markem, Datamax-Honeywell, Sato,  HSA, Wolke, to print any codes, variable data and images.

This label applicator can serve as a print and apply machine  with the fitting of any thermal print unit available.

Features of the label applicator

  • Unwinder with disc brake
  • Clutch rewinderDisplay for parameters setting
  • Control on reel end and paper jam
  • Control on label stepper
  • Pre-alarm on reel end
  • Hybrid stepper motor

Ancillary devices

  • Print units (hot, thermal transfer, inkjet)
  • Pneumatic applicators
  • Applicator for irregular surfaces
  • Rewinder for plastic supports
  • Successful labelling control with 1 or 2 barriers
  • Successful printing control
Dispensing speed≤ 60 m/min ≤ 50 m/min≤ 20 m/min*¹
Dispensing W20 - 100 mm20 - 200 mm20 - 300 mm *²
Outside reel Ø≤ 280 mm≤ 280 mm≤ 280 mm
Inside reel Ø40 - 75 mm40 - 75 mm40 - 75 mm
MotorHybrid stepper motorHybrid stepper motorHybrid stepper motor
Stop Tolerance± 0,5 mm± 0,5 mm± 0,5 mm
Size L - W - H581x319x722 mm611x419x752 mm611x578x802 mm
Power supply115/230 V, 50-60 Hz115/230 V, 50-60 Hz115/230 V, 50-60 Hz
Electrical input150 W150 W150 W
Elettrical protectionIP 54IP 54IP 54
Noise level70 dB70 dB70 db
VersionDX - SXDX - SXDX-SX
*¹ with label widths up to 250 mm.

*² motorized
rewinder required for labels wider than 250 mm.

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