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Top and Bottom Labelling Machine System 4

Automatic labelling system for the top and bottom application of pressure-sensitive labels


The  System 4 series includes a range of  labelling systems for the application on the bottom and top of products.

Labelling systems are fully automatic labelling machines with an integrated conveyor system; they  are self-sufficient small labelling lines providing for conveying, handling and labelling. They can therefore be used both offline or connected to other packaging machines (e.g. filling, thermoforming  machines).

Our automatic systems for top and /or bottom application are ideal for the labelling of thermoformed trays, vacuum-packed food, jars, jars, bottles, thin boxes,  products and containers made of plastic, glass or metal, for food market (eg sliced cheese, ham ) as well as for chemical and cosmetic one.

The modular design allows fitting, on a main machine body a variety of labelling machines of different width and speed, as well as a wide range of ancillary devices that complete the main function.

The system is compatible with different types of print units – hot stamp, thermal transfer, inkjet- manufactured by Etipack ad major manufacturers such as  Markem, Datamax-Honeywell, Sato,  HSA, Wolke, to print any codes, variable data and images.

For top labelling of pharmaceutical boxes please visit our section for pharmaceutical labelling machines, e,g Pharma Seal Top, System 9 Pharma.


Features of the labelling system

  • Varnished steel machine chassis with panels in stainless steel
  • Conveyor with 2 independent belts and gap for bottom labelling
  • Bottom labelling machine

Ancillary devices

  • Top labelling machine
  • Print units (thermal ink jet, thermal transfer, hot foil)
  • Controls and alarms


Production speed≤ 150 pcs/min (with small product, 30
pcs/min with large product)
Dispensing speed≤ 20 m/min
Product size
(width x step)
From 60 x 80 mm
to 275 x 350 mm
Product height7÷90 mm
Label dimensions
(width x step)
From 8 x 8 mm
to 98 x 250 mm
Outside reel Ø≤ 280 mm
Inside reel Ø40÷75 mm
Size L - W - H1343x1056x1777mm
Power supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical input1200 W


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