Manual Label Dispenser HANDY-X

Manual label dispenser unrolls, peels and distributes pressure-sensitive labels speeding up manual labelling and label application in small packaging batches

Manual dispenser that unrolls and peels pressure-sensitive labels

The label dispenser  HANDY-X is a small machine dispensing labels in reels with paper passage up to 130 mm.

This dispenser unrolls, peels, and distributes pressure-sensitive labels following a manual start by an operator.

HANDY-X  supports reel up to 180 mm of diameters and dispenses paper labels or transparent ones thanks to a sturdy and sensitive microstart/microstop detecting the gap between the labels.

It is very useful for small packaging batches speeding up the process of peeling the labels from the liner, without any label being wasted.

Technical data

Dispensing speed3÷6 m/min
Label dimensions
(width x step)
From 10 x 15 mm
to 130 x 200 mm
Outside reel Ø≤ 180 mm
Inside reel Ø40÷45 mm
Motor24 V Direct current
Size L - W - H240x288x240mm
Power supply230 V, 50 - 60 HZ
Power40 W
Elettrical protectionIP 22
Noise level< 75 dB*
* during the label dispensing

Features of the dispenser

  • Reel holder diameter 180 mm
  • Microstart/microstop
  • Stepper motor

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