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Blow-fill-seal labelling: 4 systems to apply labels with maximum efficiency


The blow-fill-seal technology – BFS – is the highest standard of advanced aseptic production used in the pharmaceutical industry, and not only, for the packaging of sterile liquids thanks to its ability to offer maximum levels of septicity together with the simplification of production processes. Mainly applied to the production of preparations for ophthalmic, respiratory, nasal, and auricular use, the blow-fill-seal technology is also increasingly established in the production of parenteral and biological drugs including vaccines and antibodies.

Blow-fill-seal packs have the characteristic of being formed, filled, and sealed in a continuous process without human intervention in a sterile production area within the sterile pharmaceutical filling machine making it a more robust method for aseptic preparation of sterile pharmaceutical products.

The reasons for its success are to be found in the advantages it offers from the processing point of view compared to the conventional aseptic filling: the blow-fill-seal technology in fact reduces the need for human intervention and therefore allows to optimize the processing phases in a controlled environment avoiding contamination by particles and from a technical point of view, avoiding the closure of the containers increases the robustness of the package and the fight against counterfeiting.

BFS packages are distinguished according to the format in SVP – small volume parenterals (small volume 0.1mL) and LVP – large volume parenterals, (large volume 500mL +) including water for injectable preparations (WFI), local anesthetic solutions, saline solution; and a single dose in strips.


A specific line of labeling systems for blow-fill-seal applications

In order to guarantee high performance and tailor-made labeling of the different formats, Etipack has developed specific pharmaceutical labeling machines for blow-fill-seal and single-dose packages coming from thermoforming, which stand out for the high degree of integration with existing production and packaging lines and differ according to the type of products and the specific application needs of the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and cosmetic sectors.

Here are 4 projects developed in relation to the characteristics of the products to be labeled: conformation and dimensions of the BFS product packaging and the logic of application of the label.

As far as conformation is concerned, the main distinction concerns the presence or absence of a flat surface that allows the product to be permanently positioned on the conveyor belt of the labeler. Starting from this characteristic it is possible to define the application logic in relation to the direction of the label application with the application of the label in parallel or perpendicular to the positioning of the product.



System 5/2 Reliable and solid labeling for stable products
The system positions the label at the sides of stable BFS bottles and bottles by performing double-sided labeling of any size and format.


System 2 Twist Flexible and agile labeling for unstable products
The system performs a top-down application on unstable products of any size and format and is characterized by the ability to perform quick format changes


Custom system for precise and accurate single-dose single strip labeling
The system applies labels rotated 90° to the ribbon feed from the stop. It includes a device that adjusts the end of the application to ensure perfect adherence of the label to the curved surface of the product.


System 4/2 Fast, high-performance single-dose strip labeling – above/below
The system performs top/bottom and single-dose BFS labeling by applying labels in parallel with the product with application frequency up to 72,000 labels/hour.


High-quality and performance standards guaranteed by Etipack Pharma line

All blow-fill-seal pharmaceutical labelers are built according to the distinctive logic of the Etipack Pharma line, which includes solutions designed and built to ensure the high standards of quality and performance required by pharmaceutical companies and a team of resources specialized in process management (regulatory knowledge, URS analysis, FAT, validations).

In addition to pharmaceutical labeling, Etipack blow-fill-seal labelers can also be used to label BFS products for food packaging (fresh fruit juices, non-carbonated drinks, milk), cosmetics (creams and liquid products also single-dose), and for cleaning and disinfection (liquids also based on alcohol).


Download the brochure with the technical layouts of the systems







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