Etipack renews for the 26th year the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing the quality of all processes


Also this year Etipack has successfully overcome the Quality Audit and received from ICIM the renewal of the certification, which attests that the quality management system of all business processes continues to comply with the internationally recognized reference standard for quality management of any organization.

Since 1995 Etipack has been committed to pursuing the continuous improvement of company performance in order to offer increasingly higher quality standards, both in the manufacturing of products and in the delivery of services. The satisfaction of our clients, on the one hand, and the steady increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes, on the other, are goals we constantly pursue through structured plans that guide all our activities, measuring their performance. Thanks to the Audit, every three years we check the effectiveness of the procedures implemented, and introduce new projects to further raise the level of service.

One example is the implementation in 2018 of Risk Analysis, an important chapter in process management at Etipack, which continues to grow in detail. In 2021, it was expanded by introducing procedures to ensure Business Continuity – in particular through the surveillance of the correct and effective implementation of the Covid 19 containment plan, and the reinforcement of Cyber Security to ensure protection against cyber-attacks – which enable us to continue to provide the service.

To support the activities for standard maintenance, we have established our Quality Policy to clarify and share with all our stakeholders the intentions and objectives that Etipack intends to pursue on the subject. The document together with the new ICIM certificate is available for download on our Company page.

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