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Labeling machine System 5 Active: flawless labeling


Project in partnership with Bema – an Etipack affiliate in Germany. Read the original article 




One of Bema’s customers was looking for the perfect labelling machine. It had in mind a long list of desired requirements drawn up over time, based on the experience with competitors’ machines. The labellers were not bad at all, but there was still room for improvement.

Perfect labelling

The most important requirement to be achieved was flawless labelling. The labels and products to be marked were not rectangular in shape, they were slightly convex and uneven. This had made labelling difficult causing unsatisfactory results. Wrinkles and bubbles had appeared, but above all, the edges of the labels could not adhere to the bottles.


Intuitive machine control

The second requirement concerned the control of the labeller. The customer demanded a machine that could handle different formats (approx. 12) with controlled and preset management, basically a fast and safe solution.

The Etipack touchscreen interface allows the machine to be adapted to the product to be labelled in a very short time. The parameters are entered exclusively via the touch screen. Recurring programs can also be saved as presets. In this way, the machine can be adjusted with just a few touches.

A machine for flexible and compact labelling

Since the customer had to label many different products, while having limited space, the machine had to be as flexible and compact as possible while allowing to process labels for booklets, standard labels and 1 and 5-litre cans alternately. In addition, it also had to feature wrap-around labelling. However, the space available was not sufficient to process 5 different machines, so everything had to be done with just one machine.

All-in-one labelling machine

To meet these requirements, Bema Etikettiertechnik and Etipack have developed the System 5 Active labelling machine. This labelling machine combines all requirements in less than 2.5 m. with minimum size and maximum flexibility along with intuitive control and labelling accuracy that is second to none.

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