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Labelling system for COWLESS Milc® bottles



In addition to environmentally responsible business, ecology is also increasingly important in production and packaging of food. COWLESS milc has built an ecologically responsible way to produce plant-based milk by planting cashew trees at farms. This way CO2 is not emitted but absorbed, which contributes to its reduction in the atmosphere. In addition, biodiversity, animal welfare and soil quality are increased.

A unique, self-developed production process

Every step of the production process is carefully considered; nature and the people behind the production always come first. For the production of the nut milk a completely new production line was assembled in the Netherlands in Ouderkerk on the Amstel. COWLESS milc for a unique, self-developed production process, started looking for specialized machine manufacturers and, for labelling the glass bottles, Etipack BV was contacted. After an intense process of design, both of the adhesives for the label and line specifications, the company finally installed an Etipack System 5.

Customized Etipack labelling system

System 5 consists of several modules for the application of adhesive labels. At the input of the system, the bottles are spaced by means of two DRP side belts. A seal label is placed on top of the cap, which is then pushed on the side of the bottle with a pneumatic roller. This guarantees the daily fresh quality of the milk. When the seal has been applied, the bottle is clamped between an upper belt and the conveyor belt. Two Strong 200 label dispensers, apply one front and one back label. The label on the back is first marked with lot number and production date. At the end of the labelling system, the labels are further adhered thanks to two large application rollers.

Etipack has been known for many years as a reliable partner for labelling projects. Etipack’s extensive range of labelling systems makes it possible to customize standard systems with different standard modules. The years of experience and personal involvement in finding the best solution is confirmed again with this collaboration with COWLESS milc.

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Labelling system for milk bottles
Labelling system for milk bottles
Labelling for milk bottles

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