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Labelling of Petfood Trays

Labelling System for Petfood Trays


An important petfood producer requested a highly performant labelling system to apply 1 and/or 2 self-adhesive labels on the top and/or bottom part of aluminium trays.

In order to comply with the overall customer’s requests, Etipack has delivered  a customized version of the labelling System 4, a machine designed for label application on the top and bottom side at once.

Main features of the labelling machine for petfood trays:

• Flexible and modular labelling system to process petfood trays of different  size and shape

Top range labeller model Extreme, equipped with motorized unvwinder and rewinder, to cope with highest output rates (up to 450 pcs/min.)

• Non-stop labelling function allows changing the label reel on the idle labeller, to reduce dowtime

• Easy cleaning even with operating machines

Conveyor has two side belts with a special slot and provides for careful handling of packs, as no damage or dents would be allowed

Bottom labellers are fit on a sliding rail providing easy pulling and access

• Label presence control providing ejection of non-conforming products. As for human food, the animal one is subject to strict regulations concerning standards, safety and quality (see European regulation 767/2009)

PLC Siemens with touch panel Proface and TCP/IP Interfacefor automated line management

The choice of self-adhesive labelling, compared to other product identification systems, can  provides pet food companies with:

• High productivity, with output rates up to 450 pcs/min

Extreme flexibility for a  variety of treatable formats, possibility to customize label layout and information

Guarantee to comply with law provisions with proven technologies in crucial sectors (food, pharmaceutical)

• Hygiene, thanks to the use of robust components and to the structure that facilitates maintenance and cleaning

Choice between different types of systems, depending on specific production needs

Download PDF Labelling System for Petfood Trays.pdf

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