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Labeling and distribution of vacuum-packed food products


Customized labeling system, for distribution and application of labels on the upper side of products, with variable data control and non-compliance management.

*Project in partnership with Emilabel

The client company specialized in the processing and distribution of smoked, marinated, and flavored salmon and other smoked fish varieties. was in search of a system to manage the labeling of vacuum-sealed plastic bags of smoked salmon with maximum precision and control.

The challenge: distribute, handle and label products with guaranteed accurate control of overprinted variable data, and rejection of non-compliant packages.

The required system, with regard to handling, had to make it possible to effectively and quickly optimize the loading and transport of as many packages as possible. As for data management, the need was to achieve maximum autonomy and flexibility on the one hand, in designing the label, and on the other, in the entry, printing, management, and control of variable data. Finally, the system had to allow the correct identification of mislabeled products, therefore not conforming, in order to allow their exclusion from the process.

The solution: System 9 special for top labelling, complete with pick&place with loading system, barcode control, non-conformity management, and variable batch count.

To achieve the required results, Etipack has designed a system consisting of five sections: feeding, labelling, printing and data control, product counting. Product distribution is carried out thanks to an automatic Clippy Big pick and place device, complete with a high autonomy double belt loading storage system. The application of self-adhesive labels on the upper surface of the packages is conducted with an Energy 200 automatic labeling machine with a distribution speed of up to 50 m/min. Thanks to a customized control panel, the client can manage the coding and printing of variable data. In case of non-compliance, the system block is activated, allowing the removal of non-compliant products. A batch collection and management device is installed at the system output.

Caratteristiche e configurazioni del sistema

  • Pick & Place Clippy Big allows the product to be positioned horizontally on the conveyor belt by means of a suction cup device. It allows the control of the product advancement to the gripping point with fiber optic photocell, minimum load, and empty warehouse.
  • Belt support structure consisting of two bracket groups, support columns with independent vertical micro-adjustments, and base equipped with wheels.
  • Alignment system allows depositing also manually packaged products.
  • Energy 200 labeling machine with label distribution speed up to 50 m/min and management of over 50 operating parameters
  • Coupled pulling unit with a double roller reinforces the support during the sliding of the tape and stabilizes the label reel pulling with a maximum width of 200 mm
  • Barcode reader for checking label presence and stop to allow removal in case of non-compliant product. Photocell for counting correctly labeled envelopes.
  • Batch collection and management system with bag overlapping control and variable counting.
  • Custom management interface with integrated PLC Industry 4.0 ready, it allows the management of the system, of the labeling process, of the Barcode control, and of the collection of the bags at the end of the line.

Results: High flexibility in formats management as well as feeding modes, with maximum accuracy and labeling control.

The dedicated labeling system, for the distribution and application of labels on the upper side of smoked salmon packages, allows the customer to manage with maximum flexibility, precision and autonomy the labeling of 3 label formats: 175, 135, and 130 mm, with a high level of reliability thanks to the several control systems for variable data and non-compliance. Thanks to the integration of the customized support structure for the Clippy Big pick-and-place device, the client can also choose to manage the packaging process in manual mode involving an operator for loading the products to be labeled.


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