New Honeywell PM42 Industrial Printer in the Etipack Catalog


Etipack printer catalog is enhanced with new Honeywell PM42 industrial thermal label printer

Increases uptime, reduces maintenance costs for supply chain, production, and retail companies. Honeywell PM42 is a mid-range industrial thermal label printer designed to help companies address the evolving operational needs of information technology, networking, and automation.

With its intuitive user interface, the PM42 printer is easy to use and convenient to maintain, saving time and reducing costs. It features enhanced processing capability and an open and flexible operational architecture to easily integrate into most IT infrastructures in existing Honeywell environments or mixed printer environments.

The latest addition to Etipack’s industrial thermal printer catalog, the PM42 is a printer designed as an affordable, cost-effective printing option that increases operational efficiency in the distribution centers, production, transportation, and retail environments. It can print up to 7,000 barcode labels per day for less than €0.85.


PM42 is a robust and reliable industrial printer, suitable for high volume, high-speed continuous printing even during peak times.

The all-metal housing allows longer uptime and can support heavy printing in harsh industrial environments, such as distribution centers and warehouses.

Best-in-class with a print speed of up to 300 mm/s, the PM42 industrial printer supports large volumes of continuous printing during peak periods. It can also run sophisticated applications using Honeywell Smart Printing technology.

The user interface features one-key label set-up shortcuts to make maintenance more convenient while reducing workforce training time and support demands.

The printer can also be set up, monitored, and configured using a handheld computer, tablet, or smartphone. The PM42 industrial printer’s built-in device management and diagnostic capabilities can also reduce downtime and simplify implementation.

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