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Labelling System for large format products


Labelling system for large cardboard boxes equipped with labelling machine for label application with pitch up to 400 mm




The challenge: labeling large format and thick cardboard boxes to facilitate reel changes of significant weight and size

The company – a world-leading Italian group in the agro pharmaceutical sector – was looking for a solution to both handle cardboard boxes of large size and considerable thickness, and apply large-format labels. Considering the size and weight of the reels, the system had to be able to handle the flawless distribution of the labels while making it easy for the operator to change the roll.

The solution: a robust industrial labelling system designed to support the ribbon weight and effectively distribute labels

Given the application requirements, it has been installed a front motorized unwinder equipped with a special buffer of rolls that facilitates the distribution of the ribbon with large format labels. The solution offers an improved weight distribution and makes reel changing easy.

The system has the following features and configurations:

  • coupled pulling unit Allows the large ribbon running smoothly in order to push labels up to 300 mm width.
  • motorized unwinder complete with a support structure and customized swinging arm with a buffer of rolls, it facilitates and makes
    ergonomic the reel change.
  • adjustable loading stack complete with mechanical shaving group, independent motorization and feeding system with parallel rubber belts
  • reel-end sensor equipped with an external capacitive pre-alarm sensor,
  • pneumatic cylinder smooths the movement of the unwinder swinging arm avoiding the backing paper from breaking
  • floating applicator it allows the system to adapt to any product changes e Once the
    application has been completed the original position is restored and labelling resumes with initial setup
  • label centering special support allows the format changeover, with labeling head position adjustment for a first label centering
  • tastex start sensor detects the movement of the product in transit allowing the correct labelling start time
  • OMRON touch screen interface for quick and intuitive control of operational functions.
  • recovery device contains up to 30 labeled products ready to be manually placed into production.

The automatic labelling system for large format products has guaranteed the company:

  • maximum reliability in handling the labelling of large format products with labels up to 300 mm in size
  • Efficient control over all operations and format changes thanks to micro-adjustments and management interface
  • operator comfort thanks to the special devices that facilitate the distribution of the ribbon and making it easy to change the reel.



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