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Labelling System for Phytosolba Cosmetic products


Automatic labeling system for the application of pressure-sensitive labels on quadrangular and cylindrical cosmetic products.





The challenge: dual-format cosmetic labelling with one-sided operator management

The cosmetic company Phytosolba-Alés Groupe – manufacturer of the brands Lierac, Jowaé, Phyto, Kydra, Secret Professionnel, Subtil- was looking for an industrial labelling system to label two types of products, quadrangular and elliptical, being able to manage the whole process from a single operator side. This specific need was due both to the considerable development in length of the production line, and to the reduced availability of space within the plant that would have limited the possibility of access to the system.

The solution: an industrial labelling system with reel management and changes on the same operator side

In view of the extension of the line and the lack of space, Etipack has designed a special System 5 able to perform two applications, quadrangular and cylindrical, while making the operator activity time-effective avoiding the transition from one side to the other for management.

The system has the following characteristics and configurations:

  • a single side for managing adjustments, reel changes, and parameters; single operator interface. To limit manual access, the system is equipped with protection to detect the opening and block operation.
  • in-line integration thanks to traction motors placed under the conveyor that allow upstream and downstream belts of the line to be flanked. This facilitates and maintains the sliding flow of products to and from the other production stages (filling and packaging).
  • COGNEX IS 2000 Vision System complete with Touch Vision View monitor for positioning and labeling control.
  •  maximum load control and output thanks to a sensor in the ejected products drawer that reminds, with a light signal to the operator, to empty the drawer. The maximum output load sensor checks the right amount of products.
  • The ejection system and the waste drawer designed ad hoc so as not to spoil the discarded products and to ensure that they can be replenished on the line to be labeled.
  • front/back labelling thanks to a Special device (DRP) with a sponge bearing allowing the rotation of 180° even of quadrangular products
  • Wrap-around labelling thanks to a 3-roller workstation with gate allowing the application of two opposing labels placed alternately on the backing paper.

The automatic labelling system for cosmetic products has guaranteed Phytosolba:

  • maximum flexibility in managing the labelling of dual-format cosmetic products with a single system
  • optimization of reel change times thanks to the single operator side
  • efficient control of all operations and adjustments thanks to the single management interface
  • precision and quality control thanks to the vision system verifying labelling, and waste sensors allowing to recover unlabelled products




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