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Multiple labeling system for bottles of nail polish



Labeling system for applying labels to the front/back and cap of elliptical bottles of nail polish

In the world of cosmetics and beauty, packaging increasingly turns out to be a distinctive and fundamental element in consumer choices. As a result, large companies in the cosmetics industry are demanding increasingly customized solutions that imply a high degree of difficulty for those who have to produce and label them.

An Italian company, specializing in nail polish production, was looking for a system for multiple application of nail polish bottle labels with a peculiar elliptical packaging shape.

The need, in addition to working on elliptical-shaped packs, was to apply labels to the sides and cap of each pack with a high degree of precision.

The solution: Special system 5/3 Active for applying 3 labels to each product.

To achieve the goal, Etipack has designed a special 5/3 Active system with a high level of precision that allows labels to be applied to the front, back and cap of bottles with small dimensions.

Perfect and precise application

The peculiarity of the machine is being a coordinated and precise system, its precision given from the coordination of the moving parts of the machine (the conveyor belt, orienting and spacing devices, and the upper products stabilizing device) and a start photocell that senses the presence of the product.

System features and configurations

  • 2 Strong 200 labellers Equipped with step motor, they apply labels with an application speed up to 20 m/min. They are equipped with a belt rewinder, for the recovery of backing paper, and with an internal capacitive sensor for the end-of-reel control.
  • 1 Strong 100 labeller is equipped with an adjustable long dispensing terminal for label separation from the backing paper , complete with distribution blade customized to the label format.
  • Start Sensors They enable accurate and reliable detection of transparent label
  • Roller Applicator It acts on the irregular surface of the product facilitating the label application
  • Clutch rewinder, for the recovery of backing paper, guided by the same driving kit

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